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  • Material purchase
    We buy the best leather materials from the fabric market. We can buy specific materials for specific characters of shoes according to customers' requirements
  • Cutting
    Carefully design and then cut all parts according to the requirements
  • Sew
    The patterns will be sewn together by our experient actors. They make sure that the finished shoes are strong and durable
  • Forming
    Then, put the shoes in a relatively high temperature surround. After high temperature production, the shoes will be cooled and shaped with a freezer

Production process’

By doing line of work directly with our horseshoe factories, you will win competitive prices and good quality authority. Our sales team is full of energetic professionals who are ready to help you from the time of order arrangement to manner of speaking.

CEBAN 2020
  • Cleaning & aftertreatment
    This is the last step in the production of the product, the shoes will be cleaned and then properly surface treated
  • Quality testing
    Although we are confident in the quality of shoes, we will ensure this again through nonindulgent quality inspection
  • Pack
    Normally, shoes are packaged in received shoe box seats, but we also accept custom packaging if necessary
  • Delivery
    Our factory is located in Hangzhou, which is very convenient for shipping and aviation transportation
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